Copper work can come in many variations. We have installed gutters, chimney flashing, copper dormer, copper roofs and flashing, waste stacks, copper hatches, entryways, leader boxes and awnings throughout Northeast Ohio.

Uses of Copper Work

Copper is used in the roofing industry for ornamental work and as a complete roofing solution. It’s an exceptionally malleable metal that bends and molds to various shapes with relative ease.

Copper used in roofing applications is available in several levels of hardness. Soft copper is ideal for ornamental work, while much harder cold-rolled copper is used for roofing panels and shingles.

Copper roofing is an ideal choice for highlighting a decorative focal point of the roof. Roofing contractors can pre-fabricate the ornamental copper piece in-house or on-site. The roofer can pound the copper into virtually any shape.

The Metallic Beauty of Copper Work

Copper is a unique metal as it can take on several different appearances. When first installed copper is typically shiny, and you can keep it that way with frequent treatments but many people feel cooper looks better if it is left to age naturally, giving a home something of a stately appearance. Untreated copper can turn shades of blue or green and some products can be applied to copper to quicken this transformation.

Adding copper work to your home or restoring copper work already on your home can make for an incredible atmosphere and add accents your neighbors will envy.

If you are thinking of upping the exterior appeal of your residence, then you should seriously think about adding copper elements to the outside of your home as there are several benefits of adding copper exterior elements to your home.

Copper Work Is Durable

Copper is a metal that will withstand much of what the elements can throw at it. It’s fire-resistant and unlike some materials, it will not stretch or warp because of the temperature changes between summer and winter.

A properly installed copper roof will likely be the last roof ever installed on the building. Copper holds up well to weathering, UV exposure, humid and dry climates, rainfall, wind, and hail.

Copper work is resistant against unwanted guests such as algae, fungus, and microbes, meaning you are less likely to have your home treated for such intrusions.

Sustainability of Copper Work

All copper in the United States is mined within the country, so you will not be adding to your carbon footprint if you order copper as none of it comes from overseas. Also copper is long-lasting and completely recyclable.

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