Benefits of Adding Copper Exterior Elements to Your Home


Most of us want our homes to look good, both inside and out. People long ago began to appreciate the beauty of copper ornamentation, and it’s a trend that has lasted hundreds of years. Not only does it simply look beautiful once installed, but it also maintains its aesthetic appeal over time and even gets better-looking as the days, months and years march on by.

If you are thinking of upping the exterior appeal of your residence, then you should seriously think about adding copper elements to the outside of your home.

Very few materials match copper when it comes to metallic beauty and durability

When it comes to exterior design it is not only important that your home becomes a good-looking one, it’s just as important that your home stands out from the crowd. Despite its ageless appeal, fewer and fewer homes are using copper for their exteriors. If you decide to go with copper, then you’ll certainly turn a few heads!

Copper is a unique metal as it can take on several different appearances. When first installed copper is typically shiny, and you can keep it that way with frequent treatments but many people feel cooper looks better if it is left to age naturally, giving a home something of a stately appearance. Untreated copper can turn shades of blue or green and some products can be applied to copper to quicken this transformation.

How you want your copper to look is entirely up to you, and the amount of effort and time you are willing to contribute.

Copper is not only good-looking, but it is also a practical metal as well! Copper is a metal that will withstand much of what the elements can throw at it. It’s fire-resistant and unlike some materials, it will not stretch or warp because of the temperature changes between summer and winter, for example. Because of this durability, if you use copper for, say, your gutters, you will not have to fit expansion joints, as you would with other metals.

Despite being a metal copper is very light, which means adding copper to the outside of your home will not mean you are adding a burden to your home’s structure. It also is resistant against unwanted guests such as algae, fungus, and microbes, meaning you are less likely to have your home treated for such intrusions.

If environmental concerns are important to you, then copper is the way to go!

All copper in the United States is mined within the country, so you will not be adding to your carbon footprint if you order copper as none of it comes from overseas. Also copper is long-lasting and completely recyclable.

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