In 1915, my great Grandfather with 3 of his sons, formed T.H.Hazlett & Sons Contractors and Builders.

At the time, this area in Ohio was growing by leaps and bounds. Cleveland would double in size from 1900 – 1920, Canton would nearly triple, and Akron actually quadrupled.  There were unlimited opportunities building the very same houses and neighborhoods where my family still works today .

Over the next 100 years,  T.H.Hazlett & Sons would lead to Paul B. Hazlett and Son, Hazlett Roofing, and eventually to today’s Hazlett Roofing & Restoration. We still serve those same neighborhoods, stocking new slate, re-claimed slate, new tile, vintage tile, historic roof tile fittings and copper.  T.H.Hazlett would certainly recognize the work our 5th generation is doing today . We still cut, punch, and nail slate entirely by hand and we bend, fabricate and solder copper without electricity . I think my great grandfather would look with a bit of envy at the diamond wheels and wet saws we now use to cut ceramic roof tile . He would be a bit perplexed to learn that so much of the millwork and moldings that, in his day were available at every lumberyard, are today unavailable unless we mill it ourselves.

If you have a home with a historic exterior, you can trust us to take care of it, after all we have been doing this for over 100 years.