The Other Side of Hazlett - Additional Projects


For over 100+ years, Hazlett Roofing and Restoration has offered the finest services to clients all over Northeast, Ohio.

Our commitment to our customers today is as strong as it was the first day we opened our doors, and our goal is to strengthen that commitment through improving our services daily. We do this by continually training our team, and by educating each customer on the best options available for their specific need. It’s why every customer we work with comes back to us – we know how to treat people.

A quality roof is a vital component of a building’s overall integrity and efficiency. Through highly competitive pricing and constant improvement, we continue to be recognized as one of Northeast, Ohio’s premier roofing contractors.

Our bread and butter consist of Slate/Tile Roofing, Carpentry, and Copper Work for residential and commercial properties. We also work on additional projects such as:

Vertical Grained Fir Flooring – Exceptionally straight grained. Extremely dimensionally stable and a traditional porch floor choice.

Skylights – Exterior options like copper cladding can better integrate a skylight with a vintage home. Interior blinds let you customize the space your skylight creates.

Wood Siding – A 1920s vintage home in West Akron. Hazlett Roofing & Restoration replaced the cedar shingle siding on the south side of the home exactly matching the texture, course layouts and character of the existing, original siding on the rear of the home.

Spouting – Gutters, downspouts, and cornice work.

Slate Siding – Slate used as siding for a homeowner who loves textural images. The fish scale slates to the right are approximately 80-year-old Vermont semi-weathering sea green slates. The adjacent center panel is new Vermont semi-weathering sea green slate.

When trying to choose a roofing contractor in the Northeast, Ohio area, you should keep in mind your needs. What kind of roof do you have? Is it new or old? Any roofing contractor can work with asphalt shingles at any stage of their useful life, but metal roofing demands a special set of skills. Slate roofing also needs to be treated differently, and wooden roofs need a little air under the shingles or shakes to allow them to dry after a rainstorm. Look for a roofing contractor who can work on your roof, whatever kind it is. Whatever project it might be.

If you choose to work with us, our staff will draw up a contract for you to review that covers all the work we’ll do, the materials we’ll use, and the timeframe we envision for your project. This process will completely address all questions you may have, and we’ll only begin work when you say it’s time.

Winter is almost here and now is the time to get your roof the proper attention that it deserves before it’s too late. We hope you will choose Hazlett Roofing and Restoration as your Northeast, Ohio roofing contractor. Give us a call today at Cleveland: 216-246-8004 | Akron: 330-773-1018 or contact us through our online form at