How Often Should I Get My Tile Roof Cleaned and Why?


When it comes to large monetary expenses, there is no bigger purchase than a house.

Expenses, however, don’t stop once you have completed the purchase – there’s all the maintenance that’s required after the fact! Maintenance can be expensive, but if done properly it will end up saving you thousands of dollars on repair bills that could otherwise have been avoided. If you have a tiled roof then you need to keep your roof clean and in a decent state of repair. If you don’t you could be giving yourself and your home problems in the future.

Why do people choose tile roofing?

While it is true that tile roofs do look beautiful, that is not the only consideration people should make when installing one, or buying a home that has one. Tile roofs have one main job, and that is to protect your building against the elements. Tile roofs do this one job very effectively, and they are very long-lasting. They will also help keep your building properly ventilated, and they need much less maintenance than, say, shingles or asphalt roofs.

How often should I clean my tile roof?

How often you have your tile roof cleaned depends upon where you are geographically located within the country. In rain-soaked, humid states such as Florida or states that have a lot of snowfall such as Ohio, then you should get your tile roof cleaned at least once per year. If you live in a state with a less-damp climate like Louisiana, Mississippi or Arizona, then you probably only need to have your tile roof cleaned every two years.

If you are in doubt as to how often you need to have your roof cleared, then you need to consult a roof specialist like Hazlett Roofing & Restoration for advice.

Should I clean my roof myself?

Cleaning your roof yourself is never a good idea unless you have the experience and the right equipment. If you climb onto your roof yourself without taking proper precautions then you could be putting yourself in danger of injury or even worse. Also, if you don’t really know what you are doing then you could end up damaging your roof while you are attempting to clean it. All in all, cleaning the roof yourself is probably not a good idea simply because you likely don’t have the necessary experience to complete the job safely and properly.

It is far better to contact roof cleaning professionals in order to get your tile roof cleaned. As an added bonus, as they are cleaning your roof they may notice areas of your roof that need repairing. A roof cleaning company typically has the experience to make effective repairs to tile roofs as well as cleaning them.

If you want your tile roof cleaned and any repairs attended to in a proper and cost-effective manner, then please get in touch with us here at Hazlett Roofing & Restoration. The cleaning and repair of tiled roofs is one of our specialties. You can contact us in (Cleveland) at 216-246-8004 or (Akron) at 330-773-1018, or use the online contact form available on our website.