History and Value of Copper Work Over the Last 150 Years in Cleveland


Cleveland’s Victorian era architecture provides a beautiful glimpse into the history and value of copper work over the last 150 years.

Beautiful copper roofs and exterior home accents are found throughout downtown Cleveland and the surrounding “Heights” neighborhoods of Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights and University Heights. The durability and classic enduring style of copper speaks to us in volume as we drive past well preserved and intriguing Victorian era structures dating back to the early 1900’s (a handful date back even further). Driving along, we’re transported back to a time when homes and buildings where built to last. For over a century, quality copper work has withstood construction fads. Copper accents and roofs continue to be a timeless aesthetic investment in new builds of upscale homes, office buildings and hotels throughout the Cleveland area.

One off the earliest hotels to showcase a copper roof is The Drury Plaza Hotel.  Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, it was erected as part of the Group Plan of Cleveland in 1903. This project is known as being one of the earliest and successful plans realized for a major city outside of Washington, DC. Preservation and restoration of the plaza began in 2014 and all though many changes have been made, the history remains. The century old copper roof that withstood over 100 bitter Cleveland winters with its gruesome lake effect snow was finally replaced in 2016 and will assist in preserving the structure over the course of the 21st century.

The value of low maintenance copper roofing is easy to see in the history of Drury Plaza.  After all, a new roof wasn’t needed for over a century.  Sure, things happen and repairs from storm damage are sometimes inevitable.  However, when it comes to protection from the elements and durability, copper seems to lead the way.

Aside from copper being a historically durable construction material, copper work as an architectural feature provides many other benefits.

Copper is a light weight material that gives us the benefit of a roof that does not put as much stress on a home’s structure as other materials do. In Northeast Ohio, this is especially beneficial when weighing in the factors of heavy snowfalls during the harsh winters. Energy efficiency also becomes a factor as metal roofs help reflect light instead of drawing heat into the home as a conventional shingled roof would. The benefits of copper prove to outweigh the expense, giving homeowners an attractive and beautiful look to go along with the benefits of efficiency.

Accents using copper aren’t just meant for beautiful churches and other large architectural structures. Using copper accents in the design of your home provides curb appeal and allows your home to stand out amidst the rest. The Hazlett Roofing & Restoration family has passed down its expertise in using copper for generations, and is humbled to the fact that we have been privileged enough to take part in preserving parts of Cleveland and its surrounding areas while adding our touch of architectural beauty.

If you have a copper roof that needs repaired or your looking to add a dramatic touch to your home with copper accents, contact us today.