Diverse Tile Roofing Profiles


Who said that your roof has to look just like every other homeowner’s roof in the neighborhood?

Truth be told, a unique tile roof can bring an entirely new dimension to the look of your home, which will surely boost your home’s curb appeal. The trouble, however, is finding a reputable tile roofing company that can handle your roofing project. The good news is that our dedicated team at Hazlett Roofing & Restoration, has the experience and expert professionals to handle your tile roofing project the first time around.

Trusted Tile Roofing Experience

When it comes to choosing the right tile roofing contractor to partner with, experience should be one of the most important areas to look into. The roof of your home protects your entire home, so ensuring that the installation process is done effectively is critical. The beauty of your roof is important, but so is how it holds up against Mother Nature for decades to come. At Hazlett Roofing & Restoration, our family has been serving north east Ohio since 1915. Over the last 100 years, you can bet that we’ve tackled just about any type of tile roofing project that you can think of. Attention to detail and a focus on what our clients are looking for is what has helped us excel in the tile roofing market for so long.

Tile Roofing Options

In addition to experience, our expert tile roofing professionals offer diverse tile roofing profiles for our clients to choose from. We offer Ludowici roof tiles, which are the highest quality roof tile on the market. Some of the most popular tile roofing profiles that we offer include:

  • Spanish “S” – This tile profile is manufactured by Ludowici and is a very popular option that brings the look of the Spanish lifestyle right to your home. This tile comes with a very rare green glaze.
  • Mission/Barrel – Another tile profile manufactured by Ludowici, this tile profile utilizes a two piece system featuring a lower “pan” and an upper “cover” section. The good news is that if properly maintained, the Mission/Barrel tile profile can last for 300 years.
  • Light Weight Interlocking – This tile profile is definitely the most popular option around thanks to its versatility and ease of installation. Built by Ludowici, these tiles are not all the same in size, which makes it very difficult to install. Luckily, our team at Hazlett Roofing & Renovation Ltd., has the experience to get the job done right. Choose between our wide variety of tile colors.
  • Closed Shingle – With this style tile, you get to choose from the standard terra-cotta color or the flat green glaze. This closed shingle option manufactured by Ludowici brings a beautiful elegance to your home that will surely set it apart from your neighbors.
  • French – Choose between the Ludowici French tile option or the French style concrete tile option. If you choose the French style concrete tile option, the installation and repair process is incredibly intense and should only be handled by expert tile roof installers. Lucky for you, our team can handle this project for you as well!

If you’re looking to stand out from the rest, investing in a unique, long lasting tile roof is a great option. At Hazlett Roofing & Restoration, we have a passion for tile roofing and are proud to offer diverse tile roofing profiles to our clients. To learn more about our many tile roofing options to choose from, give us a call today at (216) 246-8004 or email s-hazlett@sbcglobal.net.